BSU II: Workshop on PhD supervision, Gulu University, 2nd March 2016

The workshop aims at strengthening doctoral education at Gulu University by focussing on the formal framework for doctoral education as well as the principles and practice of supervision. The workshop addresses possible supervisors at Gulu; that is all staff already holding a PhD.  The format for the workshop will be short presentations blended with group-work.

Copy of Orientation to eLearning

The Orientation to eLearning is a brief course intended to equip you with the navigation skills that you require to be able to effectively participate in the Data Analysis Workshop Series. It also aims at exposing you to some of the tools necessary for supporting collaboration and knowledge-sharing with your fellow students as well as your supervisors for effective research outcomes.

The Orientation to eLearning will take place for a period of 2 weeks beginning 3rd August, 2015. You are encouraged to flexibly make some 6 hours within this period to complete the orientation.

This orientation will be followed by face-to-face workshops as follows:

  • Data Analysis (PhD) Module 1  at Maseno University(MSU), Kenya:   7th – 12th September, 2015
  • Data Analysis (PhD) Module 2  at Gulu University (GU), Uganda: 26th – 31st October, 2015
  • Data Analysis PhD) Module 3 at  Tribuhvan University (TU), Nepal: 23rd – 28th, November, 2015

You will be expected to attend the workshop taking place at your home University, and undertake a couple of workshop activities that will be going on online.

Topics 1-6 of the orientation will, therefore, need to be done and completed by 14th August, 2015, way before the face-to-face workshop series.  

Content of Pre-Workshop Orientation to eLearning

The Pre-Workshop Orientation to eLearning is divided into 6 topics as follows:

  • Topic 1: Getting started
  • Topic 2: Getting to Know You: Creating your Profile
  • Topic 3: Exploring the Online Communication Tools
  • Topic 4: Use of Information and Communication Technologies
  • Topic 5: Web Searching for Research
  • Topic 6: Time Management
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BSU II: DLP Group 5 CoeD


   (Learners reflect on the process and evaluate the projects based on the criteria established in Topic 4.)


Introduction: Add introductory information about the current  topic and assignments in one to three paragraphs here. 


Topic 8 Objectives

After completing the assignments,  the learner will be able to:

  • List objective/outcome 1
  • List objective/outcome 2
  • Next objective


Topic 8 Tasks:

    1. Task 1: Describe the task and steps needed to complete the task.
      • Sub task
      • Sub task
    2. Task 2: Describe the task and steps needed to complete the task.
      • Sub task
      • Sub task
    3. Next Task: Describe the task and steps needed to complete the task.
      • Sub task
      • Sub task

Topic 8 Assignments: Learners reflect on their learning and evaluate their projects